Sonar-Scanner-Commons doesn't work with Spring Boot!

Hello there!
I am using SonarQube 10.1 and the sonar-scanner-commons API to integrate this into my application. SonarQube is deployed by Docker. I am sending a POST request to a controller, providing the github URL, and I am getting this error: DefaultDomain:application=
at ~[na:na]

This is the project we are working on : GitHub - SE-UoM/quality-dashboard: Α visualization tool to help Organizations track and analyze the quality of their software projects. and the error is at gr.uom.strategicplanning.analysis.sonarqube.SonarScanner.execute( ~[classes/:na]

Do any of you know how to solve this? Can I even use sonar-scanner-commons with Spring Boot?

Thank you in advance,


Ok, so after some deep searching my friend (ArchontisKostis (Archontis Kostis) · GitHub) found that it was a JetBrains problem. You have to disable launch optimization and disable JMX endpoints.

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