Sonar scanner cli for python projects

I was in progress to have a python project code be scanned by the sonar-scanner-cli in a gitlab pipeline.

I kept on receiving error related to pylint.

Aim was to have sonar-scanner run on the python code and report and send to sonar server.

It seems pylint is a necessity and so if we do not compute the pylint-report at the stage prior to sending it for scanner stage there is error related to not finding pylint in the scanner image.

Was looking for a sonar-scanner-cli for python readyness i.e. have python and pylint placed too.

I didn’t seem to find anywhere.

Was looking to contribute towards this, do let me know any suggestions.


Hello @isaac-philip,

Pylint is not a necessity to scan python code with the SonarQube scanner. You may decide to use only the SonarQube native python analyzer, or complement with Pylint findings if you wish.

Can you post the log output of the sonar-scanner to check more obviously what’s wrong.

Ok let me come back with that log, thanks.