Sonar-scanner bootstrap index read timeout [mac / go-lang]

Hi all, long time advocate for SQ, trying to re-introduce it for Go-lang work. Tried several variants to try to get this to be successful, and always ending in failure so looking for some guidance.


  • SQ docker: versions 7.9.5-community, 8.6.1-community
  • sonar-scanner: brew install @4.5.0, direct download 4.6.0
  • Mac laptop w/ common security policies (i.e. libjvm.dylib issues)


  • Go-lang scanning, VSCode IDE


  • sonarlint - failed, no golang support. See this has been raised a number of times (both on slang and sonarlint), I added my vote to the re-created ticket from 2019.
  • sonar-scanner 4.5.0 from ‘brew install’ successfully installs and runs, but get bootstrap index read timeout on docker versions 7.9.5-community and 8.6.1-community. Able to browse, as well as wget http://localhost:9000/batch/index page fine for both versions.
  • sonar-scanner 4.6.0 from direct download unable to run related to libjvm.dylib not allowed on secured mac machines.

How can I accomplish static code analysis with go-lang (w/ VSCode IDE as preferred environment)?


Has there been any update on go-lang support for sonarqube?

Hi @dhartford ,

There is no movement on the SONARSLANG-438 due to prioritization on our SAST (security) scanning abilities so far. Please keep watching that ticket for any movement.

Regarding your Go project, can you show scanner debug logs (add -X to sonar-scanner command) and attach it here?