Sonar Qube doesn't understand that instantiating a var and assigning it is "OK"

Hello, I used SQ with VSCode and it has SonarLint installed but doesn’t detect problems.

Here’s the issues I’m facing.

It located 13 MAJOR issues regarding the way I have been coding for 40 years as WRONG and it’s not.

it('should call keyDownArrowDown Event when selectedItemIndex is > 0 ', fakeAsync(() => {

    **let keyDownEvnt: any;**
    **keyDownEvnt = '';**

    const select = 1;

    spyOn(autoCompleteComponent, 'keyDownArrowDown');

    autoCompleteComponent.keyDownArrowDown(keyDownEvnt, 1);
    fixture.whenStable().then(() => {
        const text = select;


This is perfectly acceptable

    **let keyDownEvnt: any;**
    **keyDownEvnt = '';**

What TSLint and ESLint won’t allow is what was suggested to :
let keyDownEvnt: any = ‘’;

Our sonarqube engine needs to be able to LEARN or we need to be able to change/add a setting somewhere that will allow us to “IGNORE” this which is perfectly acceptable and something I’ve done since I started coding in 1994. I’m 60…

Or you can mark this occurrence as won’t fix, or even disable this rule in your tests if it does not match your expectations. The tool is just a tool.