Sonar Qube and sonar lint collaboration - Should all issues of server be seen in IDE?


I have a general question about the collaboration of Sonar Qube and Sonar Lint. With the eclipse IDE I managed to setup up a connected to my local Sonar Qube server. All rules are downloaded successfully.
What is not downloaded are the issue that where already discovered by the server. Is my expectation right that all issues of the server should be seen in the eclipse IDE? If not can you explain the idea behind the implementation?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Michel,

SonarLint runs the analysis in your IDE, finding issues you have in your local code (that might be different from the code that was analyzed on the SonarQube server). In connected mode, we try to have SonarLint find the same issues as the server (with some restrictions, see the FAQ), that’s why we are downloading rules, quality profiles, settings, …


Hi Julien,

thanks for clarifying that. Great FAQ by the way.


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