Sonar lint for eclipse does not update rules from the server


(Martin lidh) #1

We are using sonar version 7.1, and in eclipse the sonar lint version 3.6.

In eclipse we have connected to the server and bound all projects. The issues are then displayed. We have added some exclusions of one rule to some projects since they are not wanted there. This is working as intended on the server and in the analysis on the server we get 0 issues from that rule in those files.

The problem is that we still get the issues in sonar lint even though they are not on the server. It is as if sonar reads that the rule is active on the project and consider the code an issue even though its not.

We have unbound and rebound all projects as well as only the relevant projects. We have done “update all bindings” on the server in sonar lint. We still get these issues and its kind of annoying to have issues come up even though they are configured not to be issues.

In the sonar lint plugin for IDEA intellij this is working as intended. The rule displayed where there are issues found on the server.

(Nicolas Bontoux) #4

Hey Martin,

You might want to pay attention to this known fragility in SonarLint for Eclipse: SLE-168 - Improve connected mode to better match IDE files with SonarQube files .

A good way to cross-check if you’re impacted would be to review the debug logs of SonarLint (in the SonarLint console), see if SonarLint is hitting some http errors when trying to fetch some of the server data.