Sonar.qualityprofiles.get_projects_associate_with_quality_profile is not working for sonarqube -v7.1 but for 7.9.6

sonar.qualityprofiles.get_projects_associate_with_quality_profile(key="") api call is not working with sonarQube version - 7.1 but working with version : 7.9.6

Hi Team,

I am writing python script using “python-sonarqube-api” module to get a list of projects associated with particular qualityProfile
Code Snippet as below:

from sonarqube import SonarQubeClient
sonar = SonarQubeClient(sonarqube_url=url, token=sonar_token)

I am refering below document for python scripting:

When I try above code with sonarqube version 7.1, It giving below response which is unexpected:

and When I try same code with sonarqube version 7.9.6, It giving below response as expecteted:

and when I try same code with sonarqube version 8.8, it is again giving below response which unexpected:

Any one can help me with this issue for this particular api of python?

Hello @rsalunke1996,

First of all I don’t think that anyone will help you fixing an integration problem with a version of SonarQube as old as 7.1. The latest version is 8.9 now. You should simply upgrade.
Not only it’s likely to solve your API problem bu t you’ll also benefit from all the nice features we introduced between 7.1 and 8.9

Second, this API is not provided by SonarSource. So if you seek some assistance on it I suggest that you post your issue on the public GitHub repository of that python package


Okay, Thanks Olivier

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