Sonar not showing bugs for c# code for my project

Hi there,

I am using sonar for analyzing my C# project. The files are being indexed with cs extensions but bugs are not being reported on sonarcloud. I am using AWS codebuild for sonar analysis.

Please suggest the workaround.


Which Sonar Scanner are you using ?


Hi ,
Thanks for your reply.

I am using sonar-scanner-msbuild-

Now getting the warning :
referenced by the protobuf ‘MetricsInfo’ does not exist in the analysis context for almost all the cs files .
I guess this may be the reason that the cs files are getting skipped?

Can you send me the Run Code Analysis logs please ? if that’s possible, to get more context on my side.

Thank you !

I am sorry this is a public platform , I don’t think putting logs here would be a good idea . This is a private project.

Indeed, i can send you a private message for that.