Sonar not show project line of code

Hello everyone,
I am trying to show coverage of integration test in Sonar, This is my project structure:
| Backend code ( unit test) - after build generate war and deploy to container in docker
| integration test

I have applied jacoco to generate report by following document

Here is my gradle file:

sonarqube {
		properties {
			property "sonar.junit.reportPaths", "${project.buildDir}/test-results, ${project.buildDir}/test-results/test, ${project.buildDir}/testArquillian-results"
			property "sonar.jacoco.reportPaths", "${project.buildDir}/jacoco/test.exec, ${project.buildDir}/jacoco/testArquillian.exec, ${project.buildDir}/jacoco/jacoco.exec, ${project.buildDir}/jacoco/testIntegration.exec"
			property "sonar.jacoco.itReportPath", "${project.buildDir}/jacoco/testIntegration.exec,  ${project.buildDir}/jacoco/jacoco.exec"
			property "", gitBranch()
			property "sonar.coverage.jacoco.xmlReportPaths","${project.buildDir}/reports/jacoco/test/jacocoTestReport.xml"

Sonar can show coverage of unit test, but I can see no coverage of integration.

I am stuck on showing line of code, and coverage of integration test project even though already have exec file


Pleas share the analysis log, preferably at increased verbosity level to see it the coverage report was “digested” properly at analysis time.