Sonar maven Multi module issue with azure devops integration

  • Sonar Version 7.9 (build 26994)
  • Maven azure devops plugin 3.186.0

we have 4 modules defined in java project when we ran CI build via azure devops code coverage shows exact data in azure devops but in sonar it shows only last module which was built.

i have verified xml it has all the modules info.

example in parent pom i have defined by modules in below order only module D coverage is visible in sonar


It should show exact results of all java modules in sonar similar to azure devops



Welcome to the community!

First, it’s incumbent upon me to point out that your version is past EOL. You should upgrade to 8.9.1 at your earliest convenience.

Regarding your question, can you post your analysis logs (code-formatted, please)? Also, is it just the coverage that isn’t shown correctly? The rest of the analysis works as expected?


thanks for your reply @ganncamp

As mentioned we are using azure devops sonar plugin so you want to me share azure devops maven plugin build logs or sonarqube prepare logs i.e SonarQubePrepare@4


It’s not clear to me what the distinction is. I want to see the logging related to analysis & the processing of the coverage reports.



i cant share the whole logs as per our company policy but i can confirm that whole coverage appears in Azure devops tab and generated XML has whole class analysis data.
let me know if there is some private link we can share logs or any other settings you want me to check.