Sonar.log error: Two methods with same method signature

(Shreedhar Dhanawade) #1

We are getting below error message at sonar.log, I am clueless about this error, could you please check.

  • versions used: SonarQube Developer edition 6.7.5
  • error observed :
    Two methods with same method signature but not providing classes assignable? "public abstract boolean java.util.List.isEmpty()" and "public boolean java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableCollection.isEmpty()" please report!

(Krzysztof Jazgara) #2


Note that such logs (with no timestamp prefix) usually come from underlying libraries, and not from SonarQube itself. The ‘please report’ is therefore not logged in any SonarQube/SonarSource context, and can be ignored if there is no functional impact.
No action needed at this stage. You can ignore such log occurrence - it’s been improved in latest versions of SonarQube (starting with 7.1) when this kind of message will not be logged.