Sonar kotlin rules

Is there going to be more Kotlin rules? At the moment Java compared to Kotlin has 90% more rules, even though Android and now even Spring applications can be developed in both. Also, Java and Kotlin languages are almost exactly the same despite syntax, so I would think most of the Java rules are applicable to Kotlin, but because they are not added, therefore they are not checked in Kotlin. On the same topic it seems that Kotlin is abandoned? Quality Profile last updated 2 years ago.

SonarSource products now support more than 25 languages and Java was the very first one.
The 600 rules which we have for Java are the result of a huge work over a long period of time.

We started working on Kotlin much more recently. We can definitely try to apply a good number of our Java rules to Kotlin but it’s far from trivial despite what you may think: it will require a big effort on our side and I don’t know when we will do this effort.

We have limited resources, we have to make choices. Kotlin doesn’t have a high priority for us this year but we certainly don’t forget Kotlin.


Have you looked the detekt plugin? That would ass significant new analysis for your Kotlin. I was just looking at it, have not tried it yet, but it looks very interesting.


As mentioned in the documentation, it’s already possible to import issues from Detekt reports.