Sonar +jenkins+Pipeline

Can you see why Jenkins deployment failed
为什么 接口 504 ,sonar服务 =http://sonar.xxxxxx.com可以正常访问。
如下为jenkins build 失败


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it’s better to attach logfiles as txt file instead of screenshot.
Your Jenkins console log has
Sonar server http://sonar.... can not be reached

The communication Jenkins <-> Sonarqube has to work both ways, you need to check your settings.
Are there any proxies, firewalls involved ?


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This is Jenkins pipeline input log

jenkins_log.txt (8.9 KB)

This is your problem

10:19:30.314 INFO: Load global settings
10:19:30.349 DEBUG: GET 401 | time=28ms
Caused by: Not authorized. Please check the properties sonar.login and sonar.password.

Seems you are using the wrong token in the Jenkins Sonarqube server configuration.

thank you. Is the following error due to the lack of the sonarjs plug-in? Or Java language analysis

111.txt (10.1 KB)


I think this is not related to languages plugins.
Usually sonar token is provided in the Credentials part of Jenkins, make sure that the user and token are valid and authorized.
Maybe this doc can help you.