Sonar is showing the count of issues but issue list detail page is blank

  • ALM used - Github

  • CI system used - Sonarcloud auto scan

  • Scanner command used when applicable - NA

  • Languages of the repository - Typescript

  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL - Not public

  • Error observed
    For one of our project, sonarcloud is showing the issue count in overview and main branch summary page, but when going into issue list page to see the details of the issues, it shows empty. Its Typescript language and Angular project. Just FYI
    Refer screenshots attached.

  • Steps to reproduce
    Simply open the Issues tab and it will open empty. But Summary tab will show errors.

  • Potential workaround
    None. We are completely blocked due to this.

I do not have a solution for this, but am replying because I’m experiencing the same issue. Before I mention the details of my circumstances in which I’m seeing this bug, I wanted to link this older closed topic about what appears to be the same issue: No issue details, but the summary view says I have 13 bugs - #18 by Silviu_Asandei
According to that thread this was a bug that was since fixed. While I saw this bug go away for one of my projects it persists for another.

For the purposes of this topic I’ll simply refer to my projects as project A and B. I will also be referring to days in the timeline based around one particular day: that being the day that @Silviu_Asandei’s last post was made on the earlier linked topic, saying that it had been fixed and that a full root cause analysis would be conducted. I will refer to this as the “original fix day”.

Project A:

  • ALM used - JIRA
  • CI system used - Azure DevOps
  • Source Control repos hosted at - GitHub
  • Languages of the repository - Typescript

Project A was experiencing this issue approximately 6 days after the “original fix day”. This means the issue was still occurring even after it was supposed to have been fixed. The next day (so approximately 7 days after the “original fix day”) it suddenly started working and showing details for the issues in the summary. It’s as if the fix was delayed in terms of when it applied to Project A.

Project B:

  • ALM used - JIRA
  • CI system used - Azure DevOps
  • Source Control repos hosted at - GitHub
  • Languages of the repository - .NET C#

I noticed this issue with Project B approximately 8 days after the “original fix day”. This was after Project A started working correctly again. At time of writing Project B is still experiencing this issue.

@Silviu_Asandei, do you know what was the full root cause analysis of this bug? Are we sure it has been fixed completely and that the fix has been applied to all users? It seems that @samarpan-b and I are still experiencing this issue.

Hello @SPNAya,

I’m sorry about the issue you are encountering with Project B.

Please, could you try the following workaround and let me know if this resolves the issue? No issue details, but the summary view says I have 13 bugs - #5

Do you experience this bug with any other project in your organization?

Hi @Florian_Thoni,

Thanks for your response. I had seen that workaround and had actually tried it with Project A earlier but it didn’t seem to make any difference right away, so I hadn’t given it more thought. In that post Alex said that “this issue appears on projects that had no results available on their main branch prior to March 26th”. For both Projects A and B (and C which I’ll mention later) I had results on the main branch before March 26th, so I didn’t think this would have applied.

Anyway today I did try that workaround for project B and it worked and fixed the issue right away. Another team member reported that a different Project C (which has the same details as Project A from my earlier post) also started having this issue. I did the workaround for Project C and it worked right away for that one as well.

My team and I will keep an eye out for this issue with our Projects A, B, and C and all of our other projects and apply the workaround if it reappears. I can report back here if the workaround doesn’t fix any potential future issues that may appear.

Hi @SPNAya,

I’m happy to read that the workaround works to solve the problem. Don’t hesitate to reach out if the issue comes back again, even if it is resolvable through the workaround.
To facilitate investigations, don’t hesitate to communicate with me in MP the information about the project (project key).

Just FYI. My issue was resolved on same day. This was the solution.

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