Sonar.inclusions remove previous scans results

Hello, i am using sonarqube:
SonarQube Community Edition Version 7.5 (build 20543)
and sonar-scanner: SonarQube Scanner

I am implementing integration with my VCS and CI (Jenkins).
I have custom scripts for feeding sonarqube in configuration the included files (sonar.inclusions) for a specific analysis. It is representing difference between the targeted branch and my workspace.
I have ran a whole-project analysis and it’s discovered lots of issues, but when i run an analysis for smaller portion of files (delta between last scan and new files), it removes all other files and previous issues from the web panel and includes only files which were in inclusions.

Is there a way to achieve that manually implemented incremental analysis?
Is it possible to scan only a part of files without removing the rest of them, which were previously scanned (are in project directory)?

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No, it is impossible. Read this for more details:

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