Sonar groovy language doesn't show coverage


(Fanny Tan) #1

Hello, I analyze a project with groovy language and it didn’t show coverage value. On Quality Gate I set it should at least pass 80% coverage. Is it only on groovy? (I have 6 project with groovy language and none of them shows coverage while my java project and javascript project shows coverage)

(Colin Mueller) #2


If you are utilizing the commmunity plugin for Groovy, you will need to get in touch with the maintainer of that repo for any questions you have – it also looks like there is some documentation available in the README of that repo for analysis parameters you can use to pass coverage data.


(Alexandre Gigleux) #3

Hello Fanny,

You can also used the JaCoCo Plugin provided by SonarSource to load JaCoCo data provided in XML format:

This feature is language agnostic, it means if you can generate a JaCoCo XML report for your Groovy project, you will be able to load its content into SonarQube.