Sonar Gradle Scans failing with heap out of space error

We are using sonarqube verion 10.4(enterprise sonar) deployed via zip . We facing an issue with the analysis of one our projects . While it is absolute working fine on our another instance which is 10.0 (developer edition).
On the 10.4 version , the project analysis never done and it says java heap space is out of space.
We tried with giving 22g as well but stilll it runs for forme than 8 hours and then fails with the error

  • Out of memory: Java heap space (This problem is reported because OutOfMemoryError has been found in the build log text); gradle

We are using java 17 in both the cases for project .

log.txt (63.7 KB)

Additional inofrmation:

log.txt (63.7 KB)
fro increasing ram we are using :
Sonar Gradel plugin :


Could we have a full --info analysis log, please? That will help us understand more precisely where the error is happening.


How do we get the full log in sonar gradle plugin , can you help we with that plz. I mean how do we pass --info.


You’ll add --info to the gradle commandline.


you mean the log from gradle right?


Yes, I’m looking for an --info-level log from the Gradle analysis command.


I have initiate the build now. Mean while this is the log from a recent build.
We have findbugs plugin earlier on the server . But removed that and then run this build .
Also for your infrormation the project is analyzed perfectly fine on 10.0 where as it is failing on 10.4

log_new.txt (57.6 KB)

the usual runtime for this build is 1.2 hours on 10.0 but its running endless on 10.4