Sonar.exclusions Invalid configuration

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • I used sonarqube version 7.9 and sonar-runner-4.4. I configured the scanner in Jenkins
  • I tried it sonar.exclusions To filter out some folders I don’t want to scan
  • I use sonar.source and It is used in combination with the official instance to filter the folder, but it still does not take effect,

Hello Xing,

Could you share the logs of the analysis ? It should help understand how you’ve set the exclusions and why they are ignored


Hello, the reason why my scan failed is that my project has Chinese characters, so there is a Chinese garbled problem

Because sonarscanner will scan the information of the whole project when scanning, I want to filter out the directories and files with Chinese names. Besides, do you have any other way to deal with the problem of my Chinese name