Sonar cube plugin does not read Gitlab CI variables

Currently I’ve got sonar cloud integration setup on my in my gitab CI using the following configuration:

  stage: verify
  allow_failure: true
    - ./mvnw sonar:sonar
    - master
    - develop
    - merge_requests

An excerpt from this gitlabci configuration file. Gitlab CI indeed does read the configuration (as seen by this pipeline log), but the plugin just refuses to acknowledge the environment variable.

While writing this post I did indeed find what was up. Please do update the guideline to include which version of the plugin should be ** at least ** used to support the environment variables as well as your documentation, since it still contains mentions of 3.6 which does not support environment variables.

Hi @Dragas
Welcome to the community! Thanks for your feedback, we’re going to look the tutorial and documentation.
For reference, please use the SonarCloud documentation at this URL.

Hi @Dragas,

Sorry for the delay. We have opened the following ticket to track this issue. Thanks you for taking the time to point it out