sonar.cs.roslyn.reportFilePaths and sonar.cs.analyzer.projectOutPaths don't support wildcards

Hi SonarSource team, thanks for the great work for the SonarScanner for .NET plugin firstly.

I am working on the way to use sonar-scanner for c# and vc++ projects at same time.

The formal pattern is not work as I expected, it only support .net/c# projects.

dotnet-sonarscanner begin ...

dotnet build|test ...

dotnet-sonarscanner end ...

Now, I found a workaround: just use dotnet-sonarscanner begin ..., and not use dotnet-sonarscanner end. .., so I can get the Sonar Roslyn Analyzer result files under the folder .sonarqube/out/xxx.

and I have to write my own with the analysis parameters sonar.cs.analyzer.projectOutPaths and sonar.cs.roslyn.reportFilePaths

But, I find these 2 parameters don’t support wildcards like: .sonarqube/out/*, .sonarqube/out/**/Issues.json, obviously I want to let the content simple and no update efforts any more.

I know this is a kind of ‘hacky’ to bypass the formal usage, but this way solve my requirements ~


Welcome to the community!

We’ve never had a need to support wildcards because the begin and end steps work in concert to collect and provide all the analysis configuration data.

You said you went down this road to combine analysis of C# and VC++. The docs to cover analyzing a mix of C# and C++. Maybe that will help.


Hi Ann, Thanks for the info, I will looking at it. By the way, does that method suite for the C++ community plugin as well?


We don’t support the Cxx plugin here. Sorry, but I can’t speak to what will or won’t work for it.