Sonar Coverage dropping to 0 for some projects

Dear Sonar team,

We have several Linux Foundation projects reporting Sonar coverage at 0% all of the sudden.
Here are some examples:

Is there an upgrade that maybe might have happened or is this something we need to adjust from our side?
Would there be a chance someone can Join ONAP’s TSC call tomorrow to explain why this might be happening and guide us to solve it please?

I really appreciate any response
Thanks so much

I wanted to add pointers to the code for reference. For example:
The code is public here:
And also the Jenkins job that generated this report can be found publicly:

I read from another thread that part of the support for Jacoco was dropped. Is this the same reason in this case? If so, could I please have more details?

Hello @jwagantall,

We did not drop support for Jacoco, but we dropped support for the Jacoco .exec file format. If you switch the generation of your Jacoco reports to .xml format everything will work fine again.

All the relevant information to this change can be found in this ticket. The reason for dropping support for the .exec file format is:

We have two ways to load coverage data generated by JaCoCo for Java projects: thru the .exec or thru the XML file.
We know that the .exec file is not an exchange format. This is an internal format used by JaCoCo developers. It is not at all recommended to use it for integration purpose.
Because of that, we want to get rid of the support of the .exec file format and rely only on the XML one.

Hope that clears things up,