Sonar Cloud Scan for Github Action doesn't work (version 1.5)

I’m using GitHub action to build and check my JAVA project.

I have tried to pass to last version of SonarSource / sonarcloud-github-action, version 1.5 but I got the following error:

Could not find 'java' executable in JAVA_HOME or PATH.

I have changed the version, going back to 1.4 and it works.

UPDATE: here is the GitHub action execution log: update sonarcloud GHA application version · pepstock-org/Charba@7ba1621 · GitHub

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I’m seeing the same exact thing. 1.4 works but 1.5 fails.

Hello @stockiNail and @jayfray12, thanks for the bug report.

I was able to replicate the behaviour you specified. This behaviour is only observed when the GitHub actions pipeline sets the JAVA_HOME variable prior to executing the SonarCloud action. (This is done by the ‘Set-up JDK’ step in the set-up @stockiNail shared).

We will be releasing a bugfix for this soon. I’ll notify you in this thread when it is released.

Thank you very much!!

@TomVanBraband any feedback?

Hi @stockiNail,

Thanks for the reminder and apologies for the delay. You can now use version v1.6. Please let me know if this version resolves your issues!

Fine! I’m gonna use in the next days and provide here my feedback.

Thank you!

Tested and it works with 1.6. Thanks a lot again

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