Sonar cloud overriding

Hi, I’m having some issues while running the pipeline. Let’s say I integrated sonar cloud for two pipelines A and B. And I got the output for Project A on the dashboard but when I’m running Pipeline B the previous A project result was not seen on the sonar cloud dashboard, I’m getting the output for the B project. Likewise, if I run pipeline A the result was seen on the sonar dashboard but when I’m run pipeline B the previous result of A was not visible???


So if I understand correctly you are trying to analyze two different repositories (Project A and B?) into only one SonarCloud project ?

You should always have one SonarCloud project per repository that you are analyzing, so that the analysis result doesn’t override it the one from the other project.

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Yes I created 2 pipelines for 2 different reps and the name of the project also different but it’s overriding with the previous one? How to resolve this issue???

What CI do you use to run the analysis ?
Can you share your configuration for both projects here so that we can see what’s the issue ?

I’m using Azure pipelines for both the projects and I just have the sonar cloud-config like Prepare analysis, Run code analysis and publish to the pipeline apart from that I didn’t include any config

I let you have a look at this thread which is talking about a similar issue and where Mickael is explaining the issue and how to fix it: