Sonar Cloud complains about duplicates when new items are added to a list or object initializers are used

We are finding that Sonar Cloud is giving false reports about code duplication. In the first case if there is a file with constants and a new value is added it reports 100% duplication
Language c#

public static class Countries
   public const int Canada = 1;
   public const int Denmark =2;  <-- this new line will be reported as 100% duplicated.

The second case if some code is creating a bunch of objects and using object initializer syntax the code is reported as duplicate.

var list = new List<MyType>{
new MyType{
  Property1 = "xxx",
  Property2 = 123,
new MyType{
  Property1 = "xxx",
  Property2 = 124,

This block of code will be reported as duplicate. Even though new objects are being created and they differ. It is possible to extract the assignment of Property1 to reduce duplication changing the code would make it much less understandable.