Sonar break on "Register rules" external database postgresql

  • Latest 7.7 with docker hub

    I’m trying to set up a connected sonar container in a postgresql database in amazon’s RDS.

    I am initializing the container with the following command:

    docker run -it --name sonarqube
    -p 9000: 9000
    -e sonar.jdbc.username = USER
    -e sonar.jdbc.password = PASS
    -e sonar.jdbc.url = jdbc: postgresql: // INSTANCE / sonar

    It starts to configure, creates the tables, rules and indexes. However, it gets stuck during the command “INFO web [os.s.r.r.RegisterRules] Register rules” and can not proceed.

    Has anyone ever been in this situation?


Do you have any other logs ? If not, could you please set the “sonar.log.level” to TRACE in conf/, and restart the server ?


Hi Julien,

Tanks for your reply, but i don’t have other logs.
But the problem was solved alone, rs. I wait for a long time (+/- 1 hour) and container was up. Before that, I shut down my container and start again, but this time was fast, (+/- 15 minutos).
So, I don’t have other problems, just waited.


Ok thanks for the update.