Sonar Analysis to get publish on multiple branches

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to implement the following on Azure DevOps CI:

1.- When Pull Request is raise to Sonar Analyze the code and get the coverage from that branch (i.e. “randomBranch”), this part is done.
2.- Publish the Analysis into SonarCloud and the analysis is being publish under “randomBranch” (this part is done)
3.- Get previous analysis and coverage and publish it under a different branch name (i.e. “master”), I’ve been trying to get some documentation and look up for any example but I haven’t found anything similar.

Heey there.e

It’s not quite clear why you’re trying to do this or… what you’re trying to do. Can you explain a bit more?

Sure, basically the coverage we are grabbing from the .xml result from integration tests (which take around 40 minutes to complete), so for now as a workaround we just want to take the results from the PR and get them on “master” branch, so we can for now skip the integration tests and get the proper coverage without running the integration tests. So the main idea is when a PR is raise, run the integration tests and run Sonar analysis (which results get publish under that branch name), and later publish those results on “master” branch, so once the PR is merged we don’t need to run integration tests again and still have the proper coverage.

Basically I wan to know if it is possible to post the PR request analysis into a hardcoded branch.