Sonar Analysis on Github and daily analysis on sonar cloud stopped working for all our repos

We have sonar analysis integrated with our Github PRs, But it stopped working recently. And the daily analysis is also not working
No changes in the configurations were made from our side and this issue is for all our repositories

Was there any change recently which we are not aware of?
Below are the screenshots for the Github PR and daily analysis respectively

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Hey there.

Are you using Automatic Analysis or CI-based analysis (you have analysis running as a part of a GitHub action in GitHub, for example)

Hi, We are using automatic analysis

Thanks. And what language(s) are you analyzing?

typescript, html and css


The first thing I would suggest trying is to disable/reenable Automatic Analysis on your project (project Administration > Analysis Method).

Try raising a new pull request or pushing a commit to your main branch to see if it starts again. If not, let me know and I’ll reach out for additional details (the specific project key).

Hi Colin

This is what we are getting after following your suggestion and Analysis is still not working

I’ve reached out for some private details.


It seems the given repository was removed from GitHub


We have found the issue and It’s fixed. You can close this issue

Thanks a lot for your support

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