Sonar Analysis is successful, But in the back-end failed to process and display it on the Sonar Dashboard


We are recently upgraded our Sonarqube server from 6.2 LTS to 7.9.1 LTS. Due to compatibility
issues updated sonarqube scanner as well from 2.6.1 to

Post the upgrade we are facing the below issue very often in the Sonar analysis.

The last analysis has failed. More details available on the [Background Tasks]

We are running the analysis with the help of Jenkins. From the Jenkins console log we can see that the sonar analysis was successful, But when we check the Sonar dashboard we are seeing the above mentioned error and also the project analysis report is not updating. After clicking show errors from the background seeing different errors for different analysis.

Any suggestion to resolve this issue is much appreciated.

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Hi Srinivas,

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If you’re seeing multiple types of error, it will require multiple solutions. More importantly, it will require details! We can’t help you if we can’t tell what’s going on.


Hey Ann,

Figured out what is causing the problem and solved it. The main problem is Disk at peak times (
When some of the scripts run for back up ) reaching the elastic low disk watermark ( 85% ), when we jump back to server to check the space scripts finished their job and disk is free. And the second is indexing issue from /sonarqube/data/es6.

Anyway thanks for the kind heart Ann.

Srinivas R

Hi Srinivas,

Wow, that one was tricky! I’m glad you worked through it, and thanks for sharing the scenario. It will probably help someone in the future!