Snapshots in sonarqube

I am using sonarqube 6.7.2 and I am unable to find the snapshots.
Kindly let me know where I can see the snapshots and how can I add one snapshot.

What snapshots are you talking about ? Are you referring any documentation/link which mentions this functionality ?

Actually to see the history of sonar project we have an option to see the snapshots which I am unable to fidn in “Activity” tab, so I want to know where else in sonarqube I can see the Snapshots

Not sure what you mean by snapshots but under Activity link you can see all the historical scans for a project. On the project home page too you can see a short summary of recent activity.

I am looking for above mentioned features, I just want to know where to search for the above features in sonarqube, as I can’t find any housekeeping/snapshots/project history in “Activity” tab. I have read the docs by sonarqube it has been mentioned that in “Activity” tab click on “Show More” to get all the snapshots, but I cant even find the “Show More” option in “Activity”.

“Housekeeping” is not under Activity. The link that you shared says clearly that Housekeeping settings can be changed at Administration > General > Database Cleaner and I can see it exactly as documented. Make sure you have the administrator rights.

The second link that you shared says - “At project level, from the front page Activity list, choose Show More to see the full activity list.” This refers to the project home page, not the activity page.
You will find “show more” on Project home page towards the right hand side under “Activity”. When you click on that link, it will take you to the “Activity” page. From that page and in the left hand bar, you can select any analysis, and delete that analysis or perform other activities as documented.