Size of sonarcloud cfamily analysis Cache

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Hi, could someone let us know what is the size of the server analysis cache if we set sonar.cfamily.analysisCache=server? I can’t find anywhere in the documentation. Does the size impact the eviction of caches in some way, so we might have less hit if the cache is too small?

Thank you!

@Colin could you please help? Thank you.


I invite you to familiarize yourself with the FAQ. Of particular note are the sections on being patient and not @-ing users not already involved in your thread.

@-ing people not already involved in your thread does not move you to the top of their to-do list. Just the opposite.

Regarding your question, I suppose you’re asking because of this section in the docs:

You should consider changing the cache storage to the filesystem when the server cache size becomes a concern or when you want to optimize the cache lifecycle based on your project workflow.

My advice is to go with the defaults (server-side caching) until and unless you encounter a problem.


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