Significantly slower performance on 7.3 vs 6.7.5


(Ben Dennerley) #1

We’ve just finished an upgrade from 6.7.5 LTS to 7.3 and purchased a DE license for branch scanning and the experience has not yet been positive.

Our 1M line Java project could be scanned in a couple minutes under 6.7.5, but after the upgrade we’re seeing the scan reach into 18+ hours. Same parameters as before, and we’ve even increased heap size to 32gb to see if that remedied the problem.

Otherwise, no configuration changes were made. Is it possible to fix this or do we cancel our license and revert back to 6.7.5?

(Nicolas Peru) #4

Would you be able to share the logs of your analysis in order for us to understand where the time is spent ?
I am interested in sensors times mainly as a first step for investigating.


(Dinesh Bolkensteyn) #5

@bdennerley Any update on this?

(Ben Dennerley) #6

Thanks for asking @dbolkensteyn
I was able to partially resolve the problem by excluding a large number of files from the scan and increasing heap size. I however now have a new issue here: Gradle SonarJava scan fails

(Dinesh Bolkensteyn) #7

@bdennerley I’m glad to see that you have managed make progress on that other issue.

Please keep us posted on this one. We typically do not actively follow-up on community support topics, and we will by default assume that you managed to solve this issue if we do not hear back from you.