Shoutout! Sonarqube in Kubernetes!

Hey SonarSourcers – a quick shout out to you all! We just completed a “replatform” and upgrade using Kubernetes and FluxCD. Literally, once we were setup, we uncommented one line for flux. Committed and we’re deployed! Then to upgrade, we changed the helm chart version and image version… committed and deployed… a quick /setup on maintenance done. Can’t get any better than that!

Yes, there was a bunch of testing and prep for cacerts (which guidance still needs work), configurations, external databases, prometheus exporters, etc, etc… but that’s to be expected. Would be nice, if the /setup could be automated via helm as an override!!! This would allow that flexibility and increased automation.

But all of this in less than 15 minutes… dang, let’s go!

Performance testing… we think performance was actually better than our Servers as Virtual Machines!

So keep up the great work!



Wooow! Thanks for the kind words. They’ve given us a very nice runway to the weekend. :heart_eyes:

And we’ve made note of your /setup suggestion. We’re planning even more work in this area, so expect the experience to get even better. :grin:

Ann & the SonarQube team