Sharing SONAR_TOKEN between projects in a monorepo?

Hello! We have a large monorepo (50+ projects) and I’m working on getting it scanned in SonarCloud. We’re already successfully scanning it in SonarQube, using username/password, but SonarCloud switches to tokens (and requires manually creating projects :frowning: ) so it’s not quite as straightforward as I hoped. Biggest question I have, can I use a single SONAR_TOKEN to scan all the projects in a monorepo? It’s a single build (mono-build?), so having separate tokens per project would be painful (and would require us to store the tokens in source control). I’m hoping the answer is yes?

Hi @IGx89

Yes you can, just make sure that the technical account where you will generate the token from has access to all the projects you need.


That’s great news, thank you!

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