Set up SonarQube with GitHub project repository to generate a comprehensive analysis report

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  • What are you trying to accomplish?
    I am trying to set up SonarQube with my project repository on GitHub and generate a comprehensive analysis report for the whole project on my branch. On bitbucket it looks like this:

I am trying to achieve the same thing in github as well.

  • Why does this matter to you?
    Code quality is important to me as it helps identify potential bugs, code smells, and vulnerabilities in my project. Having a detailed analysis report for the whole project on my branch will allow me to easily track and address these issues.

  • How would that look in SonarQube? Alternatives?
    I don’t have any issues in sonarqube as it generates the results adequately. I just want the analysis to be reported in github as I mentioned above.

  • How would we know it works well?
    To ensure that it works well, we can validate the analysis results by reviewing the reported issues, checking the code coverage, and verifying if the identified issues are accurate and relevant to our project. We can also compare the results with the analysis reports from other tools or platforms we have used previously.

  • Why should it be a priority now?
    Ensuring code quality is a priority for our project as it helps maintain a healthy codebase and reduces the risk of bugs and vulnerabilities. By setting up SonarQube and reporting the analysis for the whole project on our branch, we can proactively address code quality issues and improve the overall maintainability of our project.

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Hi @Jaskirat,

Welcome to our community!
Thank you for the insight.
It seems that all the information regarding your project is already on SonarQube. Could you elaborate on why do you need it on GitHub?



Hi Alexander,

I need the report so that we have a comprehensive summary inside the GitHub repo (just the same way we have in bitbucket) instead of going to SonarQube every time. Is this feature available on GitHub?


Hi @chawlj,

Thank you for your answer.
From what I see on your Bitbucket screenshot, you are using an extension for having that information, am I right? If this is the case, it is not something implemented and maintained by Sonar.
Regarding GitHub, we don’t have this feature available at the moment but we take into consideration your need. In this case, we don’t have any plans to address this on our current roadmap, but if we find evidence that it’s a wider problem we’ll look into it further.