Set PR to show delta from total coverage

For PRs, we do not want to see coverage for new lines only, but rather i would want to be able to see the delta from the total target branch coverage.

So if Main branch has 80% coverage, and Branch X will have 78% after merge, we’d see something like:

78% coverage, -2% from Main

I understand the idea/philosophy you encourage for clean branches… i just do not like it very much :person_shrugging:

Is this something that can be set up?

Hello @arnon_conv ,

Welcome to the community, and thank you for the feedback!

We are planning to work on the coverage experience in SonarCloud in the coming months, so this insight is definitely valuable. This is not something that the product supports today. As you have already mentioned, today you can see the estimated coverage after a merge, but not the exact difference.