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Is it possible to set folders to be ignored in scans? I have a dotnet core 3.1 mvc which has a set of client side libraries (bootstrap / css / jquery etc) that come from 3rd parties. because of that im not to interested in seeing results for them. currently im flooded with alerts but they are for the 3rd party code and i cant see issues with mine easily. If i can add a folder to ignore the lib folder i would remove all the false postive alerts.

Hello @Staggerlee011, welcome to the community!

You can do this by going to your project on, and then going to Administration > General Settings > Analysis Scope. You can find the corresponding documentation here.


Hi thanks for the quick reply

Whats the format for this. docs dont makes sense to me :frowning:

I tried updating


Configure the files that should be completely ignored by the analysis.

Source File Exclusions

Patterns used to exclude some source files from analysis.

with: site/wwwroot/lib

and now have no issues, when i know there were at least 1 or 2.

Could you specify what in the docs does not make sense to you? That way we can update the docs to be clearer for everyone.

Are you now triggering analysis on your main branch (usually master) or another branch?

Hi Tom,

So theres no example of what forward is wanted. So do you i take it from the root of the repo, or the root of the project (like i see in sonarcloud).

Having another issue now which ill create a new ticket for.

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Thank you @Staggerlee011, that is useful.