Set condition coverage to "is greater than"

Im using sonarqube 8.2 and want to add condition coverage on Quality Gate to be greater than 80, but operator for condition coverage is set to “is less than” by default and I cannot change it to my liking “is greater than” but can only add the value.
Is there a way in SonarQube to change the default operator for condition coverage?

Hi @djordje,

In SonarQube you define the fail conditions of a quality gate. So you have to think the other way around. Instead of trying to state “The quality gate is fulfilled if the coverage is greater than 80”, formulate it like “The quality gate fails if the coverage is less than 80”.

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Unfortunately, this doesnt help me…do you if there is a way to tweak the operator to my liking?

No, I do not know if this is possible at all.
Maybe it helps if you explain in detail what you want to achieve with this condition.

I want to satisfy my boss with this request :D, dont know his logic behind this

Maybe it’s worth your boss explains the background. You may want to challenge his request.