Selecting project is impossible when creating a Project Analysis token

SonarQube Version - v9.9.2
Deployed through zip


We have a standard project naming scheme instance-wide. (It looks something like this “com.unisys.Platform-Engineering:TestProject1, com.unisys.Platform-Engineering:TestProject1, etc.”)
When trying to generate a Project Analysis token, while trying to select the project, the project’s full name is not being displayed and it is hard to recognise the project to which you are generating the token.

Even after selecting the project, the name is not fully visible. Hovering over the projects does not help as well.

Is this a known issue? Are there any alternatives to fix this?

Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



I’m still not able to find any alternatives for this, does anyone have any suggestions?



Thank you for the report! I confirm an issue, and we will fix that in 10.3.

For now, the best suggestion that I can propose is to type the meaningful part of the project name (TestProject1 in your example) or the entire project name in the select itself. It will filter the menu options.

Please let me know if that is enough for your case.

Best regards,

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Thanks @viktor.vorona.
I’ll convey your suggestion to our dev teams.

Thanks again!


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