Scans suddenly timing out

My project, OPeNDAP/olfs, passed a scan yesterday afternoon in 8.9 seconds. Since then all my scans are failing because the analysis is taking longer than 30 minutes. I changed nothing in the code base since the last passed scan… Well, since the trouble began I have tried updating my sonar ant jar to the latest release and I have fiddled a number of sonar properties, all to no avail. It does not make sense to me that the analysis time would suddenly jump up by 2 orders of magnitude.

Has something happened under the hood in sonarville that I don’t know about?



Hey there.

The logs should be helpful in showing you where analysis is taking its time (certainly if you have the log files from yesterday to compare). Where is the analysis getting held up?

You can also enable verbose logs for more details:

ant sonar -v