Scans showing hyphenated data

These are our current configurations:

  • SonarQube Enterprise v10.41
  • Zip Package


With the update, some of our scanned repositories are showing hyphenated data. So under certain repositories, it will show:

Security: #, Reliability: - , Maintainability: #, Hotspots: -, Coverage: -, Duplications: -

Now, this is not the case for all repositories, however, a handful of our repositories only show hyphens where data should be. The scans themselves still are passing and failing and we aren’t receiving any odd errors when a scan does occur.

Tried Solutions

We have tried restarting our SonarQube service. We are in the process of re-uploading our repository to see if it fixes it! Wanted to post onto this forum to receive extra assistance in troubleshooting this issue if anyone has come across this.

Hey there.

Metric calculation changed in SonarQube v10.4.

Release 10.4 upgrade notes

Project overview update

Issue counts on the overall code of projects now reflect the Clean Code software qualities.

Make sure you re-analyze your projects after upgrading to compute and display these counts.

However, in SonarQube v10.5 (released yesterday) we make sure to display the old counts until projects are reanalyzed. I would suggest upgrading