Scanning XML files bundled within the java binaries

The application I am working on generates ear file as the binary which is deployed on a Weblogic server. During the maven build phase, the ejbgen ant tasks generates the deployment descriptor file “weblogic-ejb-jar.xml” by referring to the annotated enterprise EJB classes found in the source classpath. One of the requirements is the check for the value of EJBGen Annotation Attributes homeIsClusterable and isClusterable which must be “true”.

Can a XML based rule(using XPath) be written in this case to scan for deployment descriptor files found within the binary? We are using the general purpose SonarScanner in our Jenkins build pipleline for static code analysis. I am a newbie as far as sonarqube is concerned. Appreciate you inputs

Hi @just_nash,

if you have the xml plugin installed and you are able to express what you want to detect in XPath language then you can of course instantiate a custom XML rule for your use-case.