Scanner not using correct jre

I used the current version of the sonar-scanner ( on linux.
What I encountered is that there is no parameter or environment variable to change the jre.
In older versions this was possible:
If I check the source code ( I found a parameter “use_embedded_jre”, but on the delivered script the specific variable is hardcoded to true.
My workaround currently is to change the file manually (in a dockerfile…)


In the download page there are many different downloads:

Linux 64-bit | Windowx 64-bit | Mac OS X 64-bit | Any* *Requires a pre-installed JVM

The links named “64-bit” use a embedded JRE, the file from the “Any” link doesn’t (and it’s much smaller than the others). So just use this file. :slight_smile:

Perfect, thank you! :slight_smile: