Scan Vue.js project with SonarQube

Hello all:

I’m trying to run a SonarQube scan on a Quasar Vue.js project and am noticing the following error(s) in the console:

ERROR: Failed to parse file [FILENAME] at line 27: 'import' and 'export' may appear only with 'sourceType: module'

Some of the things i’ve looked at:

  • sourceType is set to module in eslintrc.json
  • Looked if the is a Vue.js specific config for SonarQube that needed to be configured but saw no documentation.
  • Currently, trying out the babel suggested changes in the thread here:

Versions: SonarQube Community Server:
Scanner: sonarqube-scanner

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, if I missed any required details please let me know.


This thread probably matches your issue:

Perhaps you can provide logs in that thread and hopefully we can assist you there.