Scan results in same bug in every file

Every single .ts file in our repository reports the same bug: “Definition for rule ‘no-misued-new’ was not found”. This bug is always reported on the first (non-comment) line. No other bugs or code smells are reported for these files.
This behavior started from the event “Quality Profile: Changes in ‘Sonar way’ (ts)” at July 14th 10:29 AM. Before this moment everything worked fine (no bugs found). We made no changes to the repository nor the Sonar configuration at this day (to my knowledge).

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

We use bitbucket pipelines to verify the application and then do the sonar analysis. It is configured to use a certain docker container, which still used Java 8 and some older version of Node. After replacing the docker container with another container using Java 11 and a newer version of Node, the problem magically disappeared.
Note that the container we used has not been updated for years, so I assume that was not the cause of the problem.

So, the scan is working as desired again. I’ll leave this here in case someone else runs into the same problem.

Do you still have this issue? Which version of SQ do you use?