Scan in two steps - possible? Static code analysis vs. tests & coverage

Hi, I’m using SonarQube 7.5. I’d like to run the scanner as early in the build process as possible, but I’d also like to include test results and coverage. So currently I have to wait until the build is finished, and then I can run the SonarQube scanner.

Would it be possible to split the scanning process in two:

  • immediately perform the static code analysis (doesn’t require a build), and
  • feed the test results and the coverage into SonarQube as soon as the build is ready (perhaps about a minute later)

This would require that I can enrich/amend an existing analysis in SonarQube.

The benefit of performing the static code analysis immediately would be that the overall process finishes quicker though parallelization, and (potentially) static code analysis results could be made available quicker in SonarQube.


Sorry, this is not possible, and not on our horizon.