Scan detects no differences


We’ve the following problem.

We did the initial scan of the project which generated the following result.

We subsequently scanned the new release and Sonarqube seems to find no differences,

However there are dozens of new or changed classes and lots of lines of new code.

How is this possible in your opinion?

The project is configured as follows:

Sonarqube Enterprise Version 9.9 (build 65466)

Do you see the old or the new version represented in the Code tab of your project?

Hi Colin,
this’s the situation:
-we have active scans on various branches (e.g. feature/a, feature/b, feature/c) already performed
-we have master scanning obviously already executed

As soon as one of the branches (e.g. feature/a) is merged to master, the master analysis is redone, all changes dated before this master analysis (previously made in the other branches) are no longer taken into account in the subsequent analysis of the feature/b and feature/c branches

The only solution we have found at the moment is to delete all branch analyses as soon as a new master analysis is done.

In this way, redoing the branches analysis from scratch, the problem does not seem to occur.

However, we would like to find out if this is normal or if we have some wrong settings

Thank you

Hi @Marco_Stronati,

Thanks for the information you provided!

We tried to replicate the issue, but we couldn’t do it so far. Could you please share a commit diagram that will help us reproduce the issue on our side?