Scan ASP.Net Project

I have a ASP.Net application with the below projects:
1.A Web site project (which is a main project)
2.4 class library projects

The project structure should be like below:
|__ Class lib1
|__ Class lib2
|__ Class lib3
|__ Class lib4
|__ Web (website project)

I have used MSBuild for sonar scanner. The problem is, it scanned all the 4 libraries but not the web. IS there any workaround for it?

Anyone can help on this?

Also, i know there is a some limitation for MSBuild for sonar scanner to scan website project. Is there any other work around for this problem?


Your project needs to be build with MSBuild in order to run the analysis itself. You probably have legacy website project with no csproj file.

To workaround this, either migrate your project to normal web project with csproj file, or add artificial csproj file that includes all sources from that directory and add that to your solution.