Scala Integration Test Coverage For Apache Spark Job

  • SonarQube Version 6.7.4
  • Trying to achieve Integration test coverage for an Apache Spark job
  • We were able to capture the coverages in Jacoco binary, however for sonarqube to understand the Jacoco.exec file, we should be converting Jacoco.exec to scoverage.xml, not sure how to achieve this.


I know that it has been already a few weeks, did you managed to find a solution to your problem?

For the record, as first clues, you are using a version of SonarQube which is already quite old, I advise you to update if you want to benefit from the updated documentation.

Then, JaCoCo and SCoverage are two different coverage tools. You should use either one, but “Converting Jacoco.exec to scoverage.xml” does not make any sense.