Sample code is not correct for RSPEC-1006 in C#
The Print method in Program class should be static.

By the way, how do you maintain the rules documentation?I did not find a github repository for it. I expected to fix this sample bug through github(if you maintained the documentation by git and host it on github like Microsoft did).

Finally I find the documentation on github,

I will send you a pull request asap.

Hi @chucklu,

Thanks for letting us know. Indeed the code from example cannot be compiled and it needs to be changed.

Currently the documentation is stored on our JIRA server ( and the files you mentioned are automatically generated by a script based on that.

In order to have the changes persistent, we need to update the rule description first on JIRA and then they will be updated as part of the release. Due to this I have to close you PR but don’t worry the description will be updated in the new version (you can check the updated version here).

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