Same repo different .net solutions

Sonar Server Version: Enterprise EditionVersion 10.3 (build 82913)
Source code repository hosted on Azure devops
Pipeline hosted on AzureDevops

I have a repository that contains multiple solution files. When I try to add a new project if the same repo is already added I can not add a new project and differentiate them based on different solutions.

I read but I can not follow the steps in Sonar version we have. I need to mention that I do not have admin access.

Is it at all possible to have same repo but different projects per solution ?
Is there a similar option or solution for Enterprise edition ?

Seems somebody had asked the same question but I do not know if it applies to my case, given the environment I shared:


To be clear - since I’m not a .NET-er - a different solution is a different build, right?

Assuming it is, then yes, you should be able to create a “project” in SonarQube per solution in your repository. The only thing you need to do is make sure the /k:<project-key> value is unique per solution. That will keep your solutions from stepping on each other in SonarQube.

Now for pull request analysis, you’ll only need to worry about monorepo configuration if one PR could touch multiple solutions. If that’s the case, then the docs should help you set that up.


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